American Dog Derby Results

Recent Results

Historic Winners

1917Tud Kent26:00:0070
1918Bill Trude2:3018
1919Tud Kent2:19:4818
1920no race  
1921Tud Kent2:01:4818
1922Tud Kent2:35:0022
1923Smoky Gaston2:09:3822
1924Olcott Zarn2:22:4022
1925Tud Kent2:18:1822
1926Howard Sally1:55:5922
1927Earl Kimball1:57:1622
1928Tud Kent2:13:3722
1929Fred Prinz1:50:1922
1930Earl Kimball2:10:3522
1931Roy Stover1:53:3222
1932Don Cordingley1:58:1822
1933Ray Peterson1:20:2116
1934Don Cordingley 
(On Wheels)
1935Don Cordingley1:51:4122
1936Lloyd VanSickle2:14:0422
1937Lloyd VanSickle1:09:1016
1938Celey Baum:26:317
1939Celey Baum:33:009
1940Everett Hessman:41:0010
1941Everett Hessman:40:2010
1942Everett Hessman:42:1010
43-45no race  
1946Everett Hessman:47:0110
1947Everett Hessman:46:2210

Reboot Race Winners

1993125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Bill Snodgrass - Dubois, WY
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Tom Evans - Alma, CO
1994125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Brian Camilli Dubois, WY
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Dave Torgerson - Elliston, MT
1995125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Ray Gordon - Rock Springs, WY
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Maggie Adams
1996125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Bill Snodgrass
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Ray Gordon
1997125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Maria Hayashita - Jackson, WY
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Ray Gordon
1998125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Maria Hayashita
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Lenny Hoscheid
1999125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Sam Perino
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Ray Gordon
Course Change; Ashton to Yellowstone
2000125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Dave Torgerson - Elliston, MT
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Ray Gordon
2001125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Grant Beck
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Dave Ford
2002125 Mile (10 Dog Team)Martin Koening
90 Mile (6 Dog Team)Kate St. Onge
2004100 MileMartin Koenig
60 MileKate St. Onge
Cancelled 2005 due to lack of snow.
2006100 MileGrant Beck - Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
60 MileClint Hallam - Lyman, WY


1999 Winner Recap

The 82nd American Dog Derby was held in 1999 and was marked by howling winds and drifting snow the first day. Difficult trail conditions made it slow going for all of the teams. Sunny skies greeted the mushers on the second day, restoring everyone's spirits.

Sam Perrino is from the town of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Although that was his first time competing in the American Dog Derby, he and his team of Alaskan Huskies managed to win the 10 dog race, just ahead of second place winner Dave Torgerson of Elliston, Montana. Martin Koenig, a veteren musher from Seeley Lake, Montana, was competing in his second American Dog Derby race. His previous year Martin came in second place and in 1999 he was third.

Ray Gordon has become an institution at the American Dog Derby. Every year he competes in either the 10 dog or 6 dog race. In 1999, Ray and his Alaskan Huskies took first place in the 6 dog race. Dee Ogden finished second and Dawn Breedlove came in third.