Tips for Staying Warm and Having Fun at the Derby

Tips for Staying Warm and Having Fun at the Derby

All of the daytime Derby events are outdoors.  It is February, so even if the sun is shining it can get cold, especially at the start.  There's a lot of action at the Derby, but as a spectator, you'll be standing or sitting for long periods, not moving much.  So, your body will cool down fast, especially, your fingers and toes, if you're not prepared!!!

Suggested clothing:

  • Dress in layers! 
  • Windbreaker that will fit over all your layers
  • Well-insulated footwear, e.g. snowmobile boots or packs
  • Good winter hat that will cover your ears and cut the wind.  We don't care how you look, we want just want you to be warm!
  • Scarf
  • Heavy Mittens

Other helpful items:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen.  Yes, it's winter!  But the UV ray's bouncing off the snow on a sunny day can be intense.  Your face will thank you!
  • Lawn chair - there's plenty of room along the start line to find a place to sit down and watch the action!
  • Boat cushions or "hot" seat to keep your bottom off the snow, if you choose to sit on the ground, they also work well with your lawn chair
  • Blanket
  • Hand and toe warmers
  • Binoculars - to watch the teams run through the fields, visibility from the start is about 1/2 mile.

To Keep you and your dog safe:

  • Ask the mushers if you can approach and pet a team dog.  Many of these dogs are very excited and can be aggressive.  Don't find out the hard way that a dog is less than friendly!
  • Please keep your dog on a leash and well away from the dog least 20 feet at all times!
  • Stay out the travel path of a team.  While the mushers do have control, it takes time to turn and or stop a team.  Don't get run over by accident.

With a little planning, you'll be able to have fun and stay as long as you want and not miss any of the action!!

We look forward to seeing you at the Derby!!!