Race Committee Contacts

American Dog Derby

PO Box 545
Ashton, Idaho 83420

Please email our race directors with any questions or comments.

Scafe, John A. (John Sr) - Committee Chairman: [email protected] - 208-360-0988

Buck Rogers - Race Marshal

Name Phone Derby Role
Amen, Jake 1-208-709-7910 Web/Internet
Blanchard, Garth 1-314-724-0541 Treasurer
Hall, Forest 1-208-652-7428 JR Race
Hatton, Rachel 208-652-0144 Vendor Information / Button Sales
Janssen, Linda 1-208-652-7845 etc
Kendell, Chet 1-208-652-3698 P.R.
Reymann, Matt & Mindy 1-208-542-6149 Skijor Race
Scafe, John A. (John Sr.) 1-208-360-0988 Committee Co-Chair 
Scafe, Kathy 1-208-681-0266 Secretary
Scafe, John Edward (John Jr.) 1-208-681-8161 Track
Other Contacts    
St. Anthony Lions   Insurance
Richards Anderson, JoAnn   etc
The Main Office 1-208-652-3550  
Mountain River Veterinary Hospital 1-208-745-5003 Vet
Marotz, Don   Past President, etc