Rails to Trails Magazine Highlights Derby

Ashton-Tetonia Trail - If you're hoping to"heel" the winter blues, then follow the mushers over to Ashton, Idaho, this February 16,17, and 18 for the annual American Dog Derby. Since 1917, dogsled enthusiasts have converged on Ashton to participate in the longest-running dogsled race in the lower 48 states. The main course runs from Ashton to Cascade Corner of Yellowstone National Park, but the derby offers a host of other competitions, including a mutt run, weight pull, snow sculpture contest and much more. While in town, you can crunch out your own course on the newly opened Ashton-Tetonia Trail, built on the former Teton Valley Branch line of the Union Pacific Railroad. Improved signage and new trailheads are currently in the works for the 32-mile pathway, which features three redecked bridges and the Tetons as a backdrop. To learn more about the trail call Harriman State Park at 208-558-7368.

Length & surface: 32 miles; packed gravel and soil
- End points: Ashton to Tetonia - Website: under development

Appeared in Rails to Trails magazine